Chandler, AZ

Elkay Interior Systems' relationship with Cambria Hotel & Suites has evolved over the years, granting EIS the opportunity to grow alongside the brand. EIS executed the design intent for both generation 1 and 2, ensuring Cambria that their new design was delivered properly during the implementation of Cambria V2. The EIS team manufactured the public space millwork elements, including the fireplace wall, coffee house pub, hangout at the market, captain’s table, and hangout areas that differentiates Cambria in the upscale market.

The Cambria V2 design presented EIS with challenging curved millwork elements. To conquer this challenge, EIS developed a custom solution that safeguarded the GC from potential field condition issues, a treatment that EIS now implements for all Cambria projects.  EIS also manufactured and installed the countertops and cabinetry for Cambria, eliminating the need for the contractor to work with several different vendors, showcasing EIS’s ability to be that turnkey solution with a variety of services, regardless of the scope.