Elkay Interior Systems Acquires European-Based Seating and Décor Business Schloffer GmbH, Designed2Work, and Designed to Work Intl.

Move expands the company’s growing international branded retail design and builds capabilities.

Milwaukee, WI - December 6, 2019: Representatives of Milwaukee, WI-based Elkay Interior Systems (EIS) today announced the American company’s acquisition of Schloffer GmbH, a global seating and decor company based in Austria, as well as the related companies, Designed2Work and Designed2Work International. The move strengthens Elkay Interior Systems’ ability to serve international customers who are rapidly expanding their branded restaurant, hotel, and retail operations in Europe and the Middle East. 

Schloffer GmbH, a family company with nearly 60 years of experience, has, in the last two decades, established itself as one of the leading European companies for interior design and manufacturing for restaurant franchises. Schloffer GmbH is active in over 60 countries worldwide, priding itself on high quality, thanks to its Austria-based production as well as experience in complex logistics and adaptability to client needs.

Elkay Interior Systems – or EIS -- is a global leader in the Design, Branding, Seating, Décor, and Fixtures for the commercial interiors industry. The company, which is owned by privately-held Elkay Manufacturing, specializes in the Restaurant, Retail, Hospitality, and Education markets. They have been helping top Global Brands manage their retail brand experience in international markets for nearly 40 years. This acquisition nearly completes EIS’s global supply chain, enabling them to support the needs of current and future customers as they grow throughout the world. 

“We’ve been on a tremendous growth path since being acquired by Elkay in 2017,” says Vice President and General Manager, Tony Lutz. “In February 2017, we integrated the commercial arm of Elkay’s business in Mexico to form Elkay Interior Systems, Latin America, …and in 2018, we expanded into the Asian markets. With the acquisition of Schloffer GmbH and Designed2Work, we have brought a strong European producer into the fold, which is key to supporting the international growth strategies of our global clientele.” 

 EIS consults, designs, builds, and installs commercial interiors, from concept to completion, unlike any other company in the market today. Their designers and artists provide vision, strength, and  consistency while bringing our clients’ brands to life. Specialized project managers and market managers carefully guide project goals, timelines, and budgets. Extensive manufacturing facilities  and certified installers ensure flawless execution of every element. Even after opening day, the company supports clients through an expert international customer service team.  

EIS works with a premier list of international customers, many of whom are actively expanding in the European and Middle Eastern markets. The company has a proven track record for creating extraordinary interiors, executed with the highest levels of excellence around the globe. 

“We are excited about becoming a part of Elkay Interior Systems’ global business,” said Klaus Schloffer, President of Schloffer GmbH, Designed2Work and Designed2Work Intl. “We see the opportunity for tremendous synergies and growth with all of Elkay’s global businesses. We are a perfect fit, culturally-speaking, and the EIS businesses are producing great work for our shared customer segments – so we are proud to be joining such a well-respected team. Together, we believe we can collaborate and expand our capabilities to better serve our global customers as they grow their businesses worldwide.” 

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About Schloffer GmbH

Founded in 1960 by Alois Schloffer, the company has remained in family hand till today. His son, CEO Klaus Schloffer, has turned the company into a business that supplies its furniture to more than 60 countries worldwide. Schloffer is proud to manufacture at its headquarters in Austria, in a CO2 conscious facility. Its team of 40 specialists are aided by state-of-the-art machinery and supported by trusted and quality-controlled suppliers. 

About Designed2Work and Designed2Work International 

Designed2Work and Designed2Work Intl. specialize in design for the commercial retail industry, especially restaurant franchises. Together with Schloffer GmbH, the companies provide a holistic interior package well beyond the manufacturing of furniture. To learn more visit https://www.schloffer.com/en/solutions/design/