people jamie leiphart bio


Associate Marketing Manager

Q: Describe your role and responsibilities at EIS.
A: I help drive the development of marketing strategies, create processes, build messaging, track results, and control branding to help generate growth, on a global scale, for the Elkay Interior Systems and Elkay Commercial Systems businesses.

Q: What do you find the most personally rewarding about working at EIS?
A: Knowing everyone has a key role in helping drive the success of our company. Every day it’s an opportunity to learn something new and challenge yourself to be better for our organization and for our customers. I truly enjoy the creative people we work with and the impact we make in the lives of our customers.

Q: What’s always in your refrigerator?
A: A lot of empty shelf space – grocery shopping isn’t high on our priority list.

Q: What’s your signature dish?
A: Bloody Mary (Yes, I do consider it a meal)