Shipping Container Drive-Thrus Reintroduced

June 18, 2020
Contributing Expert: Kenneth Lau | Senior Director Operations, Asia-Pacific

Faster Speed to Market + Lower Cost to Entry

Dating back to the 1950s drive-thrus have been popular, providing convenience to customers on a busy day. Today, the car now becomes the dining room, and franchise owners are forced to make the drive-thru experience convenient and safe for their customers. The current conditions that come with the global pandemic allow drive-thrus to address concerns that customers may have when it comes to enjoying their favorite meal or milkshake while staying safe.  

Initially making a debut in 2011, the shipping container design concept is starting to resurface around the world due to the fast timeline to produce and install onsite. It is much quicker than constructing a stick-built store or restaurant. 

Container restaurants, both flat-pack like the one EIS developed and produced for KUDU, and full container solutions bring several advantages over a traditional brick-and-mortar new build. Quicker speed to market with less construction time, lower investment costs, and less waste make the container concept a much more sustainable and appealing option for franchise owners looking to expand their footprint amongst today’s quickly changing environment. Pre-fabricated formats and precision fitments result in less onsite installation time, making stores easier to replicate and mass produce. Container designs provide added flexibility for movability or relocation, without sacrificing structural integrity.  

Creating drive-thru restaurants constructed with decommissioned shipping containers makes it easier and more cost-effective for franchisees to compete with COVID-19 restrictions and provide a safer alternative for customers and the environment. 

EIS Brings the Expertise

EIS brings extensive experience with the drive-thru format to the global market. Partnering with our sister company, Elkay Commercial Systems – stainless steel furniture and commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer - we carry a total solution catered to each customer’s needs – inside and outside. Our engineering and product development teams have come up with multiple solutions to suit every brand and format, whether that's drive-through, walk-up, or curbside. EIS's global design team takes it a step further, offering customizable solutions like materials, colors, furniture, and lighting to elevate the client's brand with its unique design. 

EIS is proud to be supporting our partners in all parts of the world with these solutions. We simplify the complicated.   

Contact EIS to learn more about shipping container construction. Our experts can help determine the best approach for your needs.