August 28, 2020

Contributing Expert: Charles Welch | Manager, Hospitality

The Rise of the Grab-and-Go Trend

Grab-and-go options have been part of hotel design in various forms for quite some time. The prevalence of options is a function of whether the hotel is full-service or select-service. In the full-service segment, there is an incentive to have guests sit and consume food or beverage in the onsite restaurant(s) rather than grabbing something on the go.

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July 17, 2020

Contributing Expert: Nikki Ojer | Creative Director

Lobby of the Future: Hospitality Design Shifts

As we continue to travel through the unknown landscape of COVID-19, perspectives are continually shifting. There is much uncertainty surrounding both short and long-term solutions to keep guests and staff safe in public environments.

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July 3, 2020

Contributing Expert: Stanya LeMay | Senior Account Manager

The Future of Education Environments: Schools Moving Forward

As schools plan for reopening this fall, they are faced with new problems: how to keep the students safe from COVID-19 or any future virus. While there is not enough time to tackle each area of a school, we can provide advice on food delivery and how to social distance seating in the dining areas and classrooms.

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June 18, 2020

Contributing Expert: Kenneth Lau | Senior Director Operations, Asia-Pacific

Shipping Container Drive-Thrus Reintroduced

Initially making a debut in 2011, the shipping container design concept is starting to resurface around the world due to the fast timeline to produce and install onsite. It is much quicker than constructing a stick-built store or restaurant. 

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May 27, 2020

Contributing Experts:
Nikki Ojer | Creative Director
Amanda Hills | Interior Designer

Let’s talk materials.

When a pandemic occurs, it changes how a space functions and how customers and employees interact within it. Safety and protection become more essential attributes rather than comfort and style. A person may start to question how we can enter the space and be protected and feel comfortable. What is the hazard assessment for the space? 

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